2. Liga
1. Spieltag 09.03.2020
Spielbericht von Exozet
Classic attrition match, with lots of back-and-forth possession and movement across the midfield. Onefootball started off coming very strongly, with strong attacks through the middle line and some incursions from the side that forced Exozet´s keeper to deflect some shots practically over the goal line.

As time went on, the game slowed down as the battle for possession raged in the midfield, and both teams kept gaining and conceding it, reaching for the rival area but not managing to come in with clear shots or opportunities. A focused defensive effort and good sweeping and security under the post from both keepers made clear chances scarce. Onefootball managed to land a solid low cross to the corner of the goal that gave them the initial 1:0.

Exozet came up, but defence was still tight on both sides, and Onefootball´s keeper deflected their two clearer chances before a rebound from a foul kick landed Exozet the 1:1.

With the middle lines opening, there was an increased offensive flow with chances from both sides, but Onefootball capitalized in theirs, turning a run from the side into a cross to the opposite post that put the 2:1, and taking the chance one of the very few clear shots they had to land a low cross to the far post to set the final 3:1 in the last minutes of the match.

Congratulations to both teams in a consistently solid and focused effort.